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General Physical Preparedness

Special Physical Preparedness

To build a solid foundation of overall Strength, Power, Mobility etc. a phase of training which ticks many boxes is important to be able to then progress to more specific training phases for your own personal goal or a more sport specific goal.

Think of it like a Pyramid. To build a higher peak, you need a solid/bigger base. The GPP phase of training works to build this phase so that your potential for your SPP phase can go even higher.

"GPP is intended to provide balanced physical conditioning in endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and other basic factors of fitness, where the SPP concentrates on exercises which are more specific to the particular sport. (Siff, 2000)"

What can this include?

You can easily build a session on the 7 Fundamental Movement Patterns of








Over the space of the week if you can encorporate the basics and then build forward so like our Push and pull can work into vertical and horizontal push pull patterns and different loading methods.

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