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Get to know Me (Mike)


Mike Ellis

Hey, I am Mike Ellis, the one man band behind Parabellum Coaching.

I gained my degree in Sports Development and Coaching, became a qualified coach in handball, football and goalkeeping and spent a further 2.5 years surf instructing on cruise ships. When I came home, I completed my Level 2 and 3 Personal Training qualifications, spent some learning the ropes personal training with a number of individuals, and then combined my love of teaching/coaching and fitness, and founded Parabellum.

My goal with Parabellum is to help people build strength, push their performance, and both personal and fitness development.

I aim to help you become comfortable and confident to achieve your goals independently, but continually progress sustainably!

Photo of Head Coach Mike

Over the last 3 years of Personal Training, I have covered areas such as Injury and Rehab work, Performance, Muscle Building and weight Loss Goals and as a Nutrition Coach, cover dietary assistance aswell.

I have always had a passion for fitness, from cross country/runing, badminton and football, to now Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Strength Training.

I, myself, have worked through the phases of getting in shape for a Photoshoot, have played multiple sports and coached within them, and am currently competing in Brazilian Ju Jitsu whilst also working on healing an injury. Throughout all of this, I have gained the extensive background to relate to and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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The Vision

The Vision

Parbellum isn't just a Personal Training business, I always wanted it to be bigger and greater than that helping develop people mentally, physically and help push them to always do better.

Strength, Performance and Development only scratches the surface of what I want for anyone involved and it's symbol being more than just Fitness.

3 Aspects of Parabellum Coaching

To me, "Strength - Performance - Development" beautiful sums up my personal interests, but also my philosophy as a business. These are all important aspects which contribute to a high quality of life, but also an enjoyable fitness journey.

Click below to learn more about each of the three aspects of Parabellum Coaching...



In person coaching at Apex Gym, Tustall covering all your goals at a personal level covering form and execution in a more direct manner.

Wherever you are globally, online coaching means all your programming, nutrition and time management needs are catered for to help you suceed.

Why not the best of both worlds?

Parabellum packages mean you can access Apex Gym for face to face personal training (without additional membership) and train at a gym of your choice with online coaching.

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