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Personal Training Session with Client
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For Sport or Personal aspirations, I work to develop strength progressively, which has shown results with my clients.

Having moved through these systems myself (pulling 244kg Trap Bar as a PB), my coaching is developed around building your strength to it's all time highest, whilst developing physique alongside - should this be your goal.

"When I first contacted Mike, I had never had a PT session and was super nervous. He immediately put me at ease, we discussed my goals, put a plan in place & got to work…

At the beginning of the year, I was squatting 30kg, deadlifting 50kg and didn’t feel confident in my ability to progress.

Fast forward to now, I walk into each session feeling focused and strong. I recently hit a 115kg deadlift PB & 110kg squat & I couldn’t be happier!

I can’t recommend Mike enough & owe him a huge thank you for the role he has played in my fitness journey. He is an excellent PT & a great friend!"


Let’s Build Strength Together?

Apex Gym, Tunstall


Tel: 07539276189

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