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Micro-Dosing Performance

I feel there is a mis-conception with people and training thinking that every session. When you consider MEV (Minimal Effective Volume) & MRV (Maximal Recoverable Volume) for within sessions and overall, you can't just run yourself into the ground for 2 reasons.

1: MRV for gym sessions and overall may mean we don't perform well or at all.

2. Do you actually improve on external factors.

Micro-Dosing which is a concept from the Not Done Yet team discusses breaking sessions down to a number of different dynamics of performance ranging from low level plyometrics and recovery work all the way to max effort work.

The principle covers building to make skill development in the sport a higher priority and build up other skills within a development phase that can be done throughout the in-season and off-season.

For more information pop me a message in the chat!

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