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Wanna be fast, move fast. Wanna move weight, move weight.

A lot of people just run through the conventional work of 'bodybuilding' splits of 4 sets of 10 standard tempo. I am not here to knock it, I am just saying, when the goal is potentially not to gain size and potentially lose some 'functionality' it may not be the best.

Moving fast to gain speed, moving heavy weight to gain strength will all be easy principles to follow alongside our normal 'bodybuilding'-esk movements by load management and speed manipulation.

Different loads can work to focus on different factors accordingly to how quick you can move that said weight. It can run easily off 1RM for your typical movements like Squat, Bench & Deadlift.

Depending on the individual and the sport we can translate this to plyometrics aswell and use load management to how we would complete a 'weighted jump' etc. so certain swaps to a trap bar etc would be made.

But back to the topic. Nothing is set in stone in regards to training so if your in a sport that requires explosive movements or consistent movements, your focus should work into that.

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