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Stabilisation work? Why bother?

Whilst many thing it's the ability to balance, it actually looks at our ability to apply force.

'You won't fire a cannon from a Canoe.'

This works in regards to you need a solid foundation to be able to apply force from. If you lack this ability movements can look off balance in regards to shakey but also off in regards to avoid over-stress injuries at joints.

Now. Let's not mistake this for doing stupid shit with a BOSU ball. It can come down to controlled tempo work, Single joint or single sided work and working into direct stabilisation work like an Upside down Kettlebell Press.

This can be done as a priority block period at the start of your training or just slowly instilled within warm ups/ pre session loading work.

If you wanna know more about the process or struggling with applying force pop up in the chast.

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