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Mobility. What's the Point.

Seems like flexibility is the only focus. Sorry, it's not.

Mobility and Flexibility tie in but are not the same thing.

Flexibility is the ability to move within positions without injury or 'breaking'.

Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily within the movement.

In practical terms to the average person. Mobility is being able to complete our everyday tasks and gym exercises without limitation and also toward a 'non-limited' range.

The next big factor to look into is the active and passive range.

Imagine an RDL. Generally working to touch your toes whilst shifting your hips back. Your ability to work through that range would be your active range as that is what you can actively achieve. Now if you put a weight in your hands that pulled you down further into touching your toes, we have our passive range and potentially a position where our hamstrings, which are being worked during the movement, are not use to being in. This additional 'stretch' could lead to pulling too far and creating that issue of injury.

The goal of mobility is to reduce the space between active and passive range so we leave no room for error when it comes to injury risk, minimising the problem.

So if you think mobility is pointless, think again.

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