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Light on Touch, Explosive to Go.

Exposure to training for those within team sports like Football doesn't need to be like a bodybuilder, it actually wants to be the opposite. With a lot of the work completed based upon acceleration/deceleration and being light off your touch, it's important that Training reflects on this.

Low-level plyometrics can be important for those starting and then progressively building to help ankle mobility and stability to then progress long-term.

Lateral hops, frontal plane hops, A hops.

They all play a part in the systems of making a person like on their feet so they can be fast reactive to the demands of the game. The last thing a player needs to feel is slow and unresponsive as it will then play into the direct relationship of response to action time.

General considerations would be pre-lifting sessions and even pre-game/training to also align with ankle and lower kinetic chain work for improvement over time!

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