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Increasing Protein for a Diet.

Whilst protein is a common 'buzz' word so to say within fitness, Protein within a diet is a very useful tool as it has a high satiety level.

Satiety essentially just means keeps you fuller for longer.

Note: this is not your cue to now absolutely slam protein shake after protein shake as you need a well-balanced diet.

This is the cue to use protein within your diet to limit other forms of food snacking.

The goal is to never have the diet of an African child to lose weight as that weight will come off, but then you will join the 85% of people that lose weight and gain it back within a year, and the very unlucky few that actually put more back on than they started.

Keeping a well-balanced diet and routine of food where you are generally satisfied with food intake means long term you are in a better position to hold your diet long term.

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